12 . 01 . 2021

Design: Inspiration by Slim Aarons

There is something about Slim Aarons images of a nostalgic, tropical cosmopolitan lifestyle that is somehow both decadent and wholesome. His photos on the beaches of Acapulco and other famous destinations reminded us of stories from casqueños growing up in Playa Santo Domingo and of Tomas Miro and gringo soldiers surfing there in the 40s.

Playa Santo Domingo in Panama

The bay cleanup has started to bring the beach back to life. It’s far from perfect now, but even in its semi-clean state it seems to be feeding a societal thirst for healthy living. Casqueños use it for everything from paddle boarding to softball and sunset picnics. The Casco shoreline is a 70 hectare temporal park that changes from water sports arena to beach and nature walk every six hours.

Few places in the world are surrounded by such a spectacular kinetic sculpture.

Casco is a place where health and wellness come easy, and Santa Familia makes it easier.

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