• Lifestyle is the sum of where you go, what you do and who you do it with. It is how you spend your time. It is the way you express who you are and what you value. Your lifestyle is not you, but it shapes you.

    Santa Familia grew out of the belief that we all can, and should, shape our lifestyles, and that the place we live matters. Our customers have told us for years that a healthy, intellectually stimulating, community-oriented lifestyle should not require sacrifices. Cultural richness should not come at the expense of every day convenience.

  • We have long been inspired by Slim Aarons images of a nostalgic, tropical cosmopolitan lifestyle that was somehow both decadent and wholesome. His photos on the beaches of Acapulco and other famous destinations reminded us of stories from casqueños growing up in Playa Santo Domingo and of Tomas Miro and gringo soldiers surfing there in the 40s.

    The bay cleanup has started to bring the beach back to life, and seems to be feeding a societal thirst for healthy living. Casqueños use it for everything from paddle boarding to softball and sunset picnics.

    The Casco shoreline is a 70 hectare temporal park that changes from water sports arena to beach and nature walk every six hours. Few places in the world are surrounded by such a spectacular kinetic sculpture.

    Casco is a place where health and wellness come easy, and Santa Familia makes it easier.

  • Why do culture and walkable districts go hand-in-hand? The great urban philosopher Jane Jacobs described what she called a “ballet of the street” that stimulated chance encounters and a sense of community, causing neighbors to experience things and know people they wouldn’t have otherwise.

    For some, neither the anonymity of a tower nor the isolation of a suburban house work. Our neighbors are curious people who seek intellectual stimulation in human scale neighborhoods. It is ironic that old towns offer this very modern lifestyle.

    Culture and community can also exist inside a building. Santa Familia has common areas that invite conversations and encounters, but also private places that encourage introspection.

    Not all of us aspire to write a book, but Santa Familia was designed on the belief that living in a place where we can imagine a book being written makes us all better at whatever it is we do.

  • True luxury is a place that both friends and family call home. It is having the right space for the right moment, and the facilities to make entertaining easy.

    Santa Familia has bright, oceanfront spaces for sunny days and sunset gatherings, as well as an cozy dining room and terraces for more intimate evenings.

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